Creating a training plan for individual and groups 

Step 1 ;

Whether for an individual, group or an entire company; we will spend the time  with you to determine your  specific training and coaching needs, and the exact results you are looking for.


Step 2:

Once we have completed a needs assessment we will determine with you which program or combination of programs will guarantee you the best results, We will then create a custom proposal to fit your scheduling and budget requirements.

Step 3;

Upon acceptance of the proposal we will quickly interview all of the stakeholders ( Senior executives, managers and employees) effected by the program and develop a complete understanding of the work environment.

Step 4:

Once the training starts particiants are encouraged to email or call their coaches between sessions as issues come up. This enables both the coach and the participant to apply training in real time, and it allows the individual to see the results of applying their new found skills immediatley.


Step 5:

Upon completion of the training two reports will be created specifically outlining every aspect of the training. One for the participant to help them remember and apply the specific techniques and skills they were taught. The other report for management outlining what the training accomplished, and how management can tangibly support the  participant in maintaining improved performance and results.


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