Strategic Thinking


Whether a you run a small business or a division of a fortune 500 company, the ability to think strategically is crucial. This course gives you the fundamental tools that you need to the turn great ideas into successful strategies.  By the end of the program, you will have developed a specific strategic plan to achieve your current goals.

Topics Include:

  • Researching your plan - market and competitive analysis

  • Resource acquisition, development, management

  • Presenting strategy to stakeholders

You Will Gain The Tools & Techniques To:

  • Recruit strong talent
  • Think linearly
  • Organize ideas into tasks and subtasks
  • Avoid common planning pitfalls

ideal for:

  • Senior management of small companies and for division or department heads of mid-size to large companies

Consists of:

  • One three-hour master class
  • Two individual coaching sessions for each participant


  • Unlimited