New Skills Leadership Training Programs are offered for Groups of ten up to 20 individuals. Each program consists of classroom sessions and individual coaching sessions for participants. Basic programs include one hour of individual coaching for each participant, Intermediate programs provide two hours of individual coaching and Advanced programs offer three hours of individual coaching for each participant.

New Skills Individual Leadership and Management coaching consists of six to twelve one hour sessions over a period of six to twelve consecutive weeks.

High talent / low EQ – a common issue, especially with upper management .New Skills leadership  training  uses the actual work environment as the the classroom.

Programs are offered as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Leadership levels, The training context will be set to address the level and seniority of participants in each program

Basic Leadership 

Interviewing Skills

Understanding what Emotional Intelligence, Leadership skills are.

Self evaluation; how to recognize your weaknesses and emotional triggers and manage them effectively

Communication skills: learning how to use language and clarity to deliver an effective message

Understanding what motivates people, their behavior and their performance.

Problem solving skills to teach and improve employees

Compassionate leadership: deal effectively with upset or disgruntled employees and turn them into  successful performers.

Goal setting; aligning employee and corporate goals to produce a desired outcome.

 Managing up, across and down.

 Critical path implementation and management

Leading meetings effectively

Intermediate Leadership

Critical analysis of problems and solutions

Team problem solving

Team building

Conflict resolution and expected outcomes

Setting standards of behavior,

Critical path skills for team and multi - department projects

Operating efficiency through training and teaching

SWOT analysis of individuals and teams

Effective succession planing , developing future leaders and managers

Advanced Leadership 

Creating a productive and efficient culture

Diminishing politics, silos and turf wars

The critical elements of planning for the future 

Building and maintaining a cooperative network

Driving real and sustainable change

Strategic planning and implementation.