Marc has been an invaluable resource for our team. Getting his perspective on managing technical groups, and particularly in effectively managing the millennial generation, has been incredibly helpful. Marc is a no-nonsense, direct teacher who offers great value to organizations big or small.
— Doug Shane, Chairman of The Spaceship Company
His training emphasizes the difference between building lasting relationships versus just ‘managing’ a situation using scripted dialog or over-reliance on positional authority. I’ve personally seen Marc help people completely change the way they look at a situation or peer, act from a place of integrity, and gain confidence from the resulting positive outcome.
— Adam Lichtl, PhD, Director of Research, Space Exploration Technologies
As the head of Organizational Development with companies like SpaceX and Live Nation, I have used Marc to coach some of our most challenging leaders. We consistently observed remarkable turnarounds after just a few coaching sessions; results that were not achievable with other coaching professionals. His no-nonsense direct approach resonates with leaders at every level and he always delivers a strong ROI.
— Felicia Zigman, Director of Organizational Development, LiveNation
I cannot emphasize enough how actionable the skills were! I walked away feeling empowered to embrace whatever came across during the process/negotiation and would highly recommend working with him or his team at whatever stage you might be in your career.
— Nick Rich, Vice President of Finance, Source Technologies
If you look for a common theme throughout all of the leaders and people managers Marc has worked with here at SpaceX, they have all attributed their success in part to one fundamental approach to his training. The coaching works because it is “specific, simple, and effective.
— Michelle Suzuki, Manager of Human Resources, SpaceX

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