Bridging the Gap: Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials

Bridging the Gap teaches you practical, actionable techniques to overcome the numerous communication challenges that Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials face when working together.  Learn to effectively manage employees from any generation by understanding their motivations, preconceptions, philosophies, and needs.

Topics Include:

  • The motivations of younger generations - what do Millennials want?
  • Overcoming biases - the hidden strengths of each generation

You Will Gain The Tools & Techniques To:

  • Assign tasks and give direction to members of other generations
  • Provide the kind of praise and recognition that will improve efficiency and morale
  • Overcome obstacles through encouragement and understanding
  • Set expectations and have those expectations met by employees
  • Increase value by teaching and training
  • Build successful intergenerational teams
  • Correct performance issues
  • Address behaviors that derail success

Ideal for:

  • Leaders whose teams comprise members of multiple generations
  • Perfect for newly promoted managers and directors who want to learn the most effective ways to motivate and manage younger generations

Consists of:

  • One 90 minute master class
  • Individual coaching available upon request


  • Unlimited