“If you look for a common theme throughout all of the leaders and people managers NewSkills has worked with here at SpaceX, they have all attributed their success in part to one fundamental approach to their training. The coaching works because it is “specific, simple, and effective.”

One of the ways they have done this here at SpaceX is by combining the principals of Emotional Intelligence within the business acumen framework of a precise problem to provide immediate results within a management issue they are currently tackling.

No models or proprietary language to learn,just results!”
— Michelle Suzuki, L & D, SpaceX

Dynamic Skills for High Potential Leaders

  • We believe that you can be a dynamic, aggressive and successful leader and be a humanistic one at the same time. We think that there is no difference between someones behavior in daily life and in a business environment. We are completely focused on teaching executives and managers how to become conscious and effective leaders at the same time. We prove that you can surpass your competition, and build a corporate culture that will draw customers and talent.
  • We are completely focused on transforming inexperienced or abrasive managers into dynamic leaders who treat people with respect while increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • This unique humanistic take on training throws out many of the tired old concepts about corporate leadership and business. We use the participant’s actual work environment to accelerate the learning process and more importantly, show immediate positive results in that same environment.
  • New Skill’s Dynamic Skills for High Potential Leaders is offered in either small group or one-on-one sessions. Each session is highly specialized according to the requirements of the individual and the organization, as well as the interaction between the participant and the assigned coach.